Our Calgary Psychologists focus on supporting folks who are navigating fertility, prenatal or postnatal issues. With their own personal experiences in these areas, our Psychologists want to share their knowledge and professional support with others.

We are experienced Psychologists, providing quality mental health care for individuals and couples. We believe that developing healthy relationships with self and then others is critical in finding and keeping a healthy balance of peace and harmony in our lives.

We look forward to meeting with you, where you are at and then journeying with you towards the best version of yourself.

Sheri Kalke, RPsych

Sheri Kalke is a Registered Psychologist who’s practiced in both Canada and the United States.

Sheri believes “that every human is worthy of compassion and love. Mental health is not a finish line; instead, it is a series of peaks and valleys.”

Sheri invests time, effort, and care for her clients to help them achieve their goals.

Jana-Lynn Caines, RPsych

Jana-Lynn Caines is a Registered Psychologist in Calgary, AB focusing on fertility, prenatal, and postnatal concerns that singles and couples have through these novel journeys. Jana-Lynn, through her own personal experiences in these areas, is able to use several techniques and caring guidance to help folks find places of peace and harmony.

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